Monthly Archives: July 2015

Love and Trust


Our inability to be kind and to be civil is a direct reflection on whether or not we trust Christ when he tells us that he has “overcome the world” and that “it is finished,”  so we must “fear not.”

If we trust Christ enough to follow his edict to love one another, we will do so much more to bring about the kind of world that we so desire to live in.  Yet we very humanly allow our fears to become resentments and create stresses that will directly hinder our ability to be kind and to follow this first—and most important—commandment.

My fears for my children feed my frustration, irritability, and anger towards them, “if you behave this way, what will become of you?” If I really trust in the Big God I have experienced, I can trust that God’s commandment for me to be kind and loving will do more for my children and any amount of fear and anxiety.

It is our ignorance that leads us to think that if we are kind and loving to someone, we are condoning or agreeing with their behavior. Christ would have us love one another, without exception, without condition, with out regard to status or stature or public persona, simply to just love one another.
What if we were kind, at every level? What if we trusted that the Savior would continue to move us all forward, and that the best—and perhaps only—way that we can help in this is to chose to keep his commandment to love one another?
Can we trust Christ enough to let him be the judge while we simply obey his commandment to love and show kindness?  This one commandment on which hangs all the law and the prophets—it’s the one case in which blind obedience has complete merit.

A New Name

purple forest 21097233_xlHere is my new home for my thoughts.  I pulled all the old posts from Hastening Heart, now gone, which primarily came from an LDS worldview.  I have 60 unpublished posts from the past two years which unknowingly documented my organic departure from that worldview, which I will start going through and unpacking into this new space, while I add in fresh thoughts from time to time.

Since I was a child I prayed that I would “see things clearly.”  I wanted to make friends with reality, to learn to work with what WAS, not what I or anyone else imagined things to be.  Of course, the day I say “I’ve got it!” Is the day I again lose focus in my quest to see clearly.  So this blog’s purpose is to simply record what I’m noticing and wondering, always with a goal of curiosity rather than certainty: curious wonder.