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The Holy City of God

Wagon Train: Artalbert Bierstadt
Wagon Train: Artalbert Bierstadt

I saw myself there,
Welcoming the wagon train
That left me behind.

I had lost the strength
To pioneer to Zion,
And sat down in dust.

When I heard the Voice,
Felt warm, kind hands lift me up,
“I AM where you are.”

The kingdom of God, within?
Not out there…later…attained…
In death or rapture?

Almighty—not bound
By space, time, human striving—
Moves through all.  Here.  Now.

Is this why I greet
At the gates, with arms open
Toward those I couldn’t follow?

We’ll meet in Zion
As we carry it with us
Back toward each other.


A New Kind of Beauty

cancer survivors banned torso tattoo

I dreamed a dream

I looked at my body in the mirror

Raised arms, I looked—turned

Alarmed eyes on my transforming torso

The stretch marks crawled across my skin

Ran up and around every inch

Horror. I had been stretched too far.

I stared and they ran—widened, lengthened

Wrapping around my body

Curling like a hula dancer’s hands

Ink in water, swirling patterns

Vines, petals, kanji, fractals

Panic and pain dissolving, transfiguring

Tattooing innocent skin with wisdom.


A new kind of beauty.


Photo: found this image just before publishing–choked me up